She truly believed that she was better than all of us. Her arrogance simply grated on everybody’s nerves. Funny how she chose to surround herself with those she deemed less than herself. Yet put her with people she looked upon as successful and wealthy, and she was out of her depth. And then she’d come running back to us.

I’ll never forget a statement she once made: “I can get any man I want” is what she said. I was in complete disbelief. Yes, she was smartly dressed and attractive, but I knew many men who would have shooed her away.

I saw her last week, for the first time in 10 years. I had to do a double-take. All I could think was how much of a state she looked. All I could see was the same woman, wearing the same style of clothes with the same style of hair. But there was one huge difference: she was unkempt. Her once sleek hair was now a mass of unwashed, knotted strands. Her clothes no longer suited her age and her ‘boyfriend’, I presume, looked even worse.

I do wonder if she still thinks she can have any man she wants. Knowing her, she probably does. As I sit there I see her looking at me. I glance up and she quickly looks away. She knows I’m doing well.  Her lack of verbal means I no longer belong in her circle, the one that made her feel better about herself.

Of course, I can live with that. But I would have still talked to her.


* * *

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9 thoughts on “Better

  1. Love this! It’s short but it says so much more.

    Well, there are really people who believe that they are better than anyone else. Confidence is good but arrogance is a major turn off.

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