100 Words: Parent

This story, formed as a letter, is inspired by The Jennifer Pan Story’. A tragic True Crime case that divided opinion. 


Dear Jennifer,

I’ve tried to understand and I think I now do.

Many despise you. They cannot comprehend what you went through that lead to their murder. But the impact your parents had on your life: You never stood a chance.

You tried to get good grades. You tried to come home early. You tried to obey.

You were forbidden to wear makeup. You weren’t allowed any friends. You were only allowed to study. ‘Jennifer’ didn’t matter.

You matter to me. My book will tell the truth and I’ll make people see.

So, hang in there….

….We’re getting you out.



* * *

This 100-word only prompt – Parent – is from Tara R at her blog, Thin Spiral Notebook. Write 100 words exactly – not one word more, and not one less. Check out others take Here on the word prompt ‘Parent’ 🙂


4 thoughts on “100 Words: Parent

  1. I’m not familiar with the true crime story that inspired this, but you pack a lot of emotion into a few words, with an ending that makes a reader wonder about what happens next.


    1. Hello, Jim 🙂 First of all, Thank you very, very much for the quality feedback, it all helps a lot with my writing.

      This was a difficult one because it’s a true story and I’m in Jennifer Pan’s camp because I understand – not condone – why she did it. This story is what I and some others would like to see happen. But it never will. I don’t think it’s a well-known case that was aired on the news, but it’s known more within the true crime circles. That’s where I heard it, listening to a podcast. And immediately after it finished, I checked my feeds and found the word prompt ‘Parent’. It was uncanny. 🙂


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