I have never seen someone so frazzled. I’ve got to go up and help her before she has a coronary.

“Meggie love, why don’t you come down for a bit, it be good to take the load off for an hour or two”.

“Mum! I haven’t got time! Exams start tomorrow – as you well know – and I need to prepare. Can you seriously not see how much work I’ve got?!!”

“Okay, but you’ve got to take a break, love”

“Mum!! if I really want your advice I’ll ask! Shut the door on your way out!!”

There wasn’t much I could say to that. But I will be knocking on her door later to come down for dinner. Surely she’s aware that she must eat.

She doesn’t come down to eat. Not tonight nor the following several nights. It’s the same routine: I knock, she yells, and I end up leaving sandwiches outside her door. Thankfully, the plates are always empty by the morning.

I know exam week is tough and getting her A-Levels is a massive deal, but what I can’t understand is why not grade them throughout the year instead of condensing everything they’ve learned into one final exam, expecting them to have it all memorised?? It makes no sense to me.

Today is the day. She’s taking her last exam. I’m a bit nervous about her coming home. I don’t know what mood she’ll be in. I’ve never seen her so stressed and I’m hoping she’ll be able to relax now.

I hear the front door opening and she comes in. I’m worried.

“Hello, love. All alright?”

Without even acknowledging me, she tramples dirt into the lounge carpet. Plonks herself onto the sofa. Kicks off her muddy trainers before putting her feet up on the coffee table – which she knows I hate. The Remote control is already in her hand and she starts flicking through the TV channels. It doesn’t seem to matter that I was actually watching something. And then, she says her favourite three words…..

“Mum, I’m hungry”.

She doesn’t even look at me, just carries on flicking through the channels.

My daughter is one of the laziest, cockiest and arrogant people I’ve ever met. She thinks that I’m her servant put on this earth to clean after her, feed her and generally be her dogsbody.

But, now that the stress of exam week is finally over, I can see my baby is back to her usual,  ‘delightful’ self.

I walk to the kitchen to fix her something to eat, and I smile 🙂


* * *

Hello! Today’s prompt is ‘Final’  from The Daily Post. You can visit and have a read of everyone’s take on the prompt by clicking here! 🙂


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