Sometimes I feel that my writing is about to take a nose dive off of a very steep cliff. Maybe I should free fall and just see where the wind guides me. I guess it’s then up to me, as I’m falling anyway, to choose a better decent. That sounds negative, but I’m going down regardless, so I may as well make it as comfortable as I can.

The last few days my words wouldn’t come. I could think of nothing much to write. And what I did do, was done in haste and I was unhappy with it. Today is the same, I couldn’t find anything to say. So, as I was falling off the ledge anyway, I thought of a way to make the most of it… And this is what I have.

I don’t want that steep drop to beat me as it has done in the past. Months without writing because I had broken too many bones when I hit the ground. This piece may not be much good, but I’m the one in control of the descent… for today at least.

I don’t know what picked me back up before. Maybe because I didn’t quit. And I hung in there. Perhaps.

I may never write a good story again. But then again, I might. It’s just painful when I can’t sit and write. I care enough and I guess that’s why it hurts.

Hopefully, this fall won’t shatter me too badly again. And on hitting the ground, maybe I’ll be lucky and get away with just bruises this time. And if I can crawl back up relatively uninjured then free-falling into the wind might be the answer. That’s what I hope.

* * *

Today, The Daily Post provided the word prompt: Precipice. If you’d like to visit the prompt page and read other’s fab words, you can do so by Clicking Here 🙂


7 thoughts on “Precipice

  1. its geart that you are not giving up. you have must be stuck in writer block. best thing about this block is that like any block when it will be gone the ideas and stories will come raging down on you. hope it come down soon like really soon.

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    1. Thank you 😊 I’m gonna keep at it, if I don’t I’m miserable! My only option is to work on what I need to with my writing….. God, why can’t it be easy!!!! Thank you for your words, they helped me a great deal 😊😊😊

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    1. Well, I’m beginning to think that changing tac on the way down works. Re my own situation with my writing going to pot (having a Bad case of writer’s block), I knew it was happening so I wrote about it and low and behold, by just doing that, I came through the funk and ended up writing a couple of subsequent stories. I would have gone weeks or months otherwise. There’s definitely something to it 🙂


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