Unmoored – The best outcome

Unmoored – An apt way to describe how they eventually treated her.

She was thrown into a situation she didn’t want to be in. She repeatedly told them she did not want to be part of their ‘team’. But they kept badgering her, how it would benefit her in the long run. I could see that her wishes were falling on deaf ears. A male member of the ‘team’ came onboard telling her the same thing, too ignoring her wishes.

She met the rest of the ‘team’ and the alarm bells rang louder. But, every time she tried to leave, they would tell her it was what she needed.

So, she became ‘friends’ with them and did what they said. Eventually, she believed that they really did care and that all along she was the problem.

One day, after several weeks of no contact, she wondered why these ‘friends’ no longer replied. What had she done wrong? Nothing. Except she became stronger.

Eventually, she saw them for what they were. And her strength got her through and out of that environment. I’m proud of her and do wish it happened sooner. Sometimes though, rescuing others is not always in their best interests. They need to see it for themselves.

And what happened to the ‘team’? Whatever ultimately happens to those types who prey on people. But to be honest, I don’t give a damn and she doesn’t either. I’m just glad she got out and is living the life she wanted in the first place.


* * *

Hi! 🙂 This is another installment of the Daily Post Prompt, which for today is the word ‘Unmoored’. 🙂  


All words welcomed :)

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