Bleedin’ Traitors’ Gate

What an excruciatingly paranoid time it was. Persecuted Queens accused of treason. And Men accused of plotting against their Kings. For Royals, even with their wealth and power, couldn’t escape the secret games against their lives. Yes, some were founded on truth, but many out of mere delusion.

Heads on stakes dangling from bridges, an ominous sight indeed. It was for the pleasure of those who crossed the Thames to what awaited them: their own imprisonment in the Tower of London. They’d be incarcerated until seen fit for their own heads to eventually join those that hung from London bridge.

Poor Queen Anne Boleyn. Accused of treason and adultery. And Incest with her brother. As she crossed the water to Traitors Gate the staked heads hung as a reminder of her own unavoidable fate. The following months of imprisonment led her to insanity: Hysterically crying one moment, and laughing wildly the next. And so it remained until her head too joined the display.

Princess Elizabeth got lucky. She only visited for a few weeks. Exonerated on the grounds of false arrest that sealed her release. However, she was sure to make it so that her own traitor would pay. And her sister, β€˜Bloody Mary’, did indeed pay. With her own Imprisonment and the steely axe.

A bloody time indeed it was. Royals with their power, prestige, and money were not even safe. And If they themselves weren’t safe, then what of the everyday, ordinary folk? Were their lives as unpredictable and bloody?

Traitors Gate at the Tower remains with tourists daily flocking to see. Does it serve to tell the history of England’s past? Or maybe something else? Perhaps it’s a reminder of what will happen if you think to cross our Royal Queen?

It might be a bit of both πŸ™‚


* * *

A fab photo prompt that got me writing about a point in history that I’ll never understand. The details yes, but the brutal behaviour?? That’s the bit of humanity I’ll never comprehend – present-day bloodshed included.

Sunday Photo FictionersΒ 


29 thoughts on “Bleedin’ Traitors’ Gate

    1. Lol, cheers! Humans seriously cannot be underestimated. What this species is capable of does not sit well. If society and Law ever broke down I think we’ll be in big trouble. And on that jolly note, Thanks for having a read! πŸ˜€


  1. Good writing. I saw the movie about Queen Elizabeth I some years ago. I think in the movie Queen Mary I died a natural death with Elizabeth I becoming queen. Some might have thought Mary I deserved the ax but it wasn’t to be. I checked on Google to make sure. πŸ™‚ — Suzanne

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  2. Humanity does have a truly merciless and bloodthirsty side to it that is hard for me to understand as well. This is a well-written story that transports the reader to another time, Victoria πŸ™‚

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    1. Hello and thank you! πŸ™‚ It’s the whole nature of people where there’s so much fighting, dishonesty, bloodshed, war and the like. If humans in general were better spirited there would be no need for wicked and violent acts. In other words….. If people would just get along there wouldn’t be this senseless behaviour of X leading to Y. But, until that happens, bloodshed will remain 😐

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    1. I watched a few docs on our Henry and was surprised to learn that he was okay at the start. And he was married for 18 years to his first wife….Then it all went downhill after that and he became the monster we all heard about. It was alluded that happened all because his wife couldn’t bare him a son. But I guess because it was majorly, over-the-top important back then πŸ™‚


  3. Although tragic I am quite fascinated with the history of these royals, and the shows that go along with it although depicting some untrue circumstances fuels my excitement..oh the love for drama

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  4. I watched a program a couple of days ago about antiques, anf it was set in the home of Anne Boleyn. The reason Henry Vee EYE EYE EYE had her sent to the block was because the poor woman couldn’t produce an heir. That and he had met Jane Seymour.

    A good story into the grisly politicking of the royal household.

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    1. Hi, yeah all sounds familiar but I simply cannot remember his first wife’s name, but he was married to her for 18 years and she couldn’t produce a boy. He was an alright guy to begin with, believe it or not, but the lack of an heir is what turned him into the monster he is known for. But, he did love her and sadly, the lack of a son was too much for him. I’m glad you liked my story, I enjoyed writing it πŸ™‚

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        1. I kept thinking wife number one was called Anne for some reason, I know two of them had the same name, but that’s what it was, there were 2 Catherine’s. It’s all really sad how his, and his many wives, lives ended up. I think it goes to show however much money and power someone has doesn’t mean they won’t have problems or ever get ill.

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