Are Snakes….Bad??


Snakes get a bad rep. That’s how I think: ‘Believe?’ Not sure.

They slither around in the grass to eat. And to mate.

Some are filled with venom. Do they know they are vilified?? Could that be the reason they have the power to kill?

I met a Snake once…I ran down the road in terror.

And then, I met one 3 years ago – as an adult – named ‘Rory’. God, he was gorgeous, and sweet looking too. But, I was scared. His Dad was in control though, and I tentatively stroked him.

But I do wonder…Are they no different? We protect ourselves. Mammals protect themselves. Would You go near a lion? I personally would like to stroke one…If I could!

And let’s not forget what we are taught about Snakes: Truthfully, Are They Evil?? Or is it a certain someone that’s portrayed as one?

I’m on the fence 🙂

* * *


150 words exactly. The point of the story is this: Are Snakes that bad? In comparison to the rest of us? 

Tuesday’s writing challenge is hosted by the wonderful PJ over at FFFAW, every week, and Kecia Spartin provided today’s photo. 

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22 thoughts on “Are Snakes….Bad??

    1. No I don’t either, but I did meet one and he weren’t too bad, but… I was still very scared. I managed to stroke him, and trust me, that was enough!! It is different, but I Need to get something written down, I’m worse if I don’t 🙂


  1. I don’t think they are evil, however, I would rather never have to meet one, or touch one! I like your final point though, that portrayal has given them a bad reputation that they can’t shake off.

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    1. Exactly, so are the Snakes ‘really’ to blame? Makes me question that. However….. The first time I saw one I screamed and ran down the road, I was 7 😀 Then I stroked my friends one a few years back. It was okay coz he kept hold of him, but…….. The minute he let him go and he began moving round the floor, my legs quickly canned up in the chair 😀 But he is a good looking reptile (¯_(ツ)_/¯! Thanks for the read 🙂


  2. There are many things in this world worse than snakes, which will generally move out of the way of humans if possible.


  3. Great take on the prompt! Personally I think no animal can be evil; you’re right – all they want to do is eat and mate and basically survive, but they’ve been the unfortunate targets of a lot of hate, probably mainly thanks to Christianity. It’s a shame really, because some of them are really quite beautiful! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. Snakes do get a bad rap, no doubt about it. In Australia it has a lot to do with their ability to kill you should you be silly enough to get in their way.


  5. It is all about how we perceive. I absolutely agree when you write that snakes suffer as they get a bad rep. Self-preservation instincts are common to all living beings and that includes snakes. Very succinctly put.


    1. True, many Snakes are incredibly dangerous. They still make my skin crawl however gorgeous they are. I think our fear of them can be justified, wherever that original fear originated. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


    1. Thank you. I do think they get a bad rep. Yes, they are dangerous, but are they ‘really’ that different to the rest of us and the animal kingdom. I know I would feel defensive if I suspected danger to myself or my offspring. But, we are still instinctively afraid of them…but, ‘why’, is what I wonder. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


  6. Self-defense is all what each species is allowed to do. but humans perceive snakes as creepy and bad. Snake skin is highly valued and fashionable ladies prefer the hides on their purses .



    1. I do wonder ‘where’ our inherent fear of Snakes originate, is it from the religion we’ve been taught or did Freud have a point; it’s very difficult to work out. But, yeah, my friends Snake who I mentioned is beautiful. But, I was still scared…I truly am puzzled as to the ‘why’ there is this fear of them 🙂


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