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Authors, Jodi Picoult, Chris Carter and Bret Easton Ellis couldn’t be more further apart in their writing: My stories are a lot like that – polls apart. I have written Sci-Fi, Humour, Tragedy, Romance and everything in between.

I’m excited to continue writing this blog, sharing my stories and hoping others will enjoy reading them. VKG note to self_write a book somedayI’ve been out of the loop recently and I’m starting afresh. I also want to get that book written I started!

I’m an ‘un’-ordinary person and have lived a very un-ordinary life – it is settling down the more I age, (I’m 41 now), and the more I keep moving forward – on & up – the more things get better.

VKG cat intwined in books_good imagesI truly believe that we all have a book in us. Everyone’s got a story or two to tell… It’s having that confidence necessary to write it and to not give up.

This blog has been going around 3 years and I have had long chunks of time where I couldn’t write; perseverance has really been tested to its limits.

Noticing grammar; studying writing styles as I read; delving into different genres and authors, all go into my skills arsenal.

I live in the UK

And one thing I would like to put to you before you go is:

“Never give up on your dreams no matter what life throws at you – Keep on Going”…

Your life really can change in a millisecond.


Thank you very much for stopping by!! Take good care. And visit again soon!


~ Victoria


21 thoughts on “About Blog & I

  1. I like your philosophy, that we each have a book in us. Or at the very least, as Whitman said, “the play goes on, and we may contribute a verse.” I’m doing that now, too. Good luck.


    1. Oh Yes, there is a book lurking right in the background of a small area to one bursting at the seams to come rushing out – contribute to your hearts content, after all, sharing our words may effect maybe just one person who appreciates it immensely to many who simply like it. Stories, Poems, they all speak volumes, especially when it comes from the heart and/or reaches into anothers…. Keep on writing and never stop! 🙂


    1. Hi 🙂 There are books in us all, even in a person who thinks they have nothing to say – they do. I’m happy that you like my never-the-same story’s and enjoy reading them. You just never stop writing 🙂


        1. Adelie, Never Ever give up on your dreams. Work hard and they will come. If you ever get struck with writers block or you are finding it tough to write – do some Journaling or free writing. Just keep on writing everyday and, of course, read. You write beautifully anyway as I’ve told you and reading helps out tremendously with writing. I know I sound a bit ‘Mumsy’ here, it’s just that you remind me of a young girl I am close to who’s world opened up when I got her to write; she had a tough time too. Lots of hugs 🙂


          1. Thank you so much for the inspiration, support, and kind guidance. I greatly appreciate the advice, because there are definitely times where I feel like I’ve exhausted my ability and creativity… Especially when I read work from other writers, and I feel like my style and content is rather inferior. These are wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement, that I hold dearly, coming from such a talented and inspirational writer. I greatly appreciate your support and motivation! Lots of hugs back! 🙂


  2. I also sometimes deal with depression, and I have found that if I write about the lighter side of things and stay out of those dark places, my attitude and awareness also remains bright.
    Blessings be with you.


    1. Hi Christopher. Someone else recommended writing fun and light pieces too when the depression arises. Sometimes a funny story does surface, but I’m in a better mood when that happens. At times when I’m really down, I find it difficult to shift into that mode and the humor is non-existent. I’m going to give your suggestion a go at least in my journal 🙂

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      1. Depression is an emotional reaction to a physical need. Cuddling with your boyfriend, and lots of reassurance that you’re fantastic and that everything is going to be okay will make a huge difference. Cuddling releases endorphins, which gives you a strong sense of well-being. Or a good hug from the right person 🙂
        My blessings to you Victoria.


  3. I’m glad to have stumbled on your blog, thanks to our participation in the same flash fiction challenge 😀 I like what I’ve read of your writing so far, and I’m looking forward to reading more. Keep it up!


    1. Hello Jade! I love finding other writers too and these challenges are a great way to do that, plus visiting followers blogs brings more delight. This blog has been going about 3 years now, on and off. I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing for here. It’s a nice place to connect. I’m glad you like it! 🙂

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