The Little Robin’s Angel

Hi All! A sweet little tale of romance which I hope you all enjoy 🙂

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I hope you like the story 🙂

Genre: Aww, Sweet!



All poor little Robin could do was watch helplessly as the group of Sparrows tucked into the birdseed that the kindly owner of the garden had put out for them.

Robin was sad. He had broken his wing and was now stationary on a garage roof just a few meters away. Sadly, he couldn’t make the short journey to eat the seeds.

Three days had passed and little Robin had nothing to eat. Feeling very weak he laid his head down on the corrugated metal. His energy was zapped and day after day he had watched in envy as the Sparrows tucked in.

On the fourth day little Robin decided to give up. He simply couldn’t reach the bird seed. He accepted his fate and made himself as comfortable as possible.

Robin had no idea how much time had passed, but he awakened to a sound like falling rain. Barely able to move he watched as a small Sparrow flew backwards and forwards from the bird feeder. Robin didn’t know what was happening until he lifted his head right up to take a better look.

Right next to where he lay was a pile of seeds. The Sparrow had carried bird seeds back and forth in its beak and placed them next to his injured self. And only a day after that the kind lady of the house found him and took him in.

Little Robin stayed in the lady’s home for several weeks. Then one day he was well enough to fly, his wing healed. He flew straight to the bird feeder where the group of Sparrows were already eating. He saw the Sparrow who had helped him. And being the gentleman Robin that he was, he waited patiently while she filled her beak with seed. Then he took his turn. So, with an unspoken understanding they sat together and they ate. And after that day, they were never apart. Robin was so glad she had saved his life 🙂


*  * *


Do I Still Love You?

Genre: Romance




Do I Still Love You?


I met him 7 years ago today, right under this Clocktower. So, when I received an email that simply said “Meet me”, I knew it was him and I was flooded with a mix of emotions. I don’t know if he’ll come; I don’t know if we’ll feel the same: Will I still love him? – 7 years is a long time.

As I stand at the very same spot I feel what I’ve felt all this time: Anger, sorrow, confusion, hatred.. love. I just want to know why he left. The week we spent here together I felt undulated happiness like nothing I’d ever experienced. Then he simply vanished.

I didn’t forget him, but thought he had me. I tried looking for him, but came up short every time. Why did he leave is what I want to know. So many questions; alone I couldn’t find a satisfying answer…but I know he will answer them for me – today.

I’m filled with nervousness and anticipation. 5 minutes to go – he’ll either show or he won’t.

“Look up”, I hear a male voice say standing next to me. My heart is soaring because I know it’s him. Now I’m going know for sure, after all this time, what I will feel.

I look up… and I am in love all over again with the pain of the past 7 years gone in a blink of an eye.

I look into those eyes and know deep down in my being that I am finally ‘home’ – just like he had never left.

* * *

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My Beautiful Swan

Genre: Romance



Framed Swans

ORIGINAL ARTWORK. ‘Used by Permission’ Copyright- Rochelle Wisoff-Fileds. view here! 


My Beautiful Swan


He makes my heart a flutter.

He steals a kiss when I expect it the least.

I love his hands, so warm and gentle.

His grinning and smiling makes me know I love him.

He teases me so funnily, with his one-liners.

He laughs at my stupidity and say’s it’s okay to be nuts: And for that, I love him even more!

He accepted me from the beginning, grew me, nurtured me, loved me.

Like the male and female Swans in this picture, my mate he is for life.

I know I got the picture prompt wrong… Forgive me.

For sharing this story meant more and worth every word.

Thank you!


* * *

This story prompted by the lovely Rochelle for our Friday Fictioneers. View the prompt and site here

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Modern Day Fairy Tale

Genre: Romance

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”                 -C.S. Lewis

Find that magical place in your world…and live there.


Once upon a time there was a rather sad, unhappy and fearful child who only ever had one wish – to be older. She didn’t like being a child, she didn’t like how she was being treated and the way they spoke to her, ignored her or talked in whispers about her. All this girl wanted was to be old enough, just like them, so she would be free.

One day she decided to cast a spell, one she’d read in a spell book. She wrote down her one desire, spoke some kind of chant and buried the ripped up pieces of paper into the ground hoping one day her dream would come true. This was the only other wish she had:

A wish for the perfect man (spell-casting at age 8).

Years went by, each as bad as, if not worse than the previous year. This little girl, from a young age knew one thing for certain and only that one thing – life will never be kind to her. So, on instinct – survival instinct – she did what she had to do to survive.

After a series of unpleasant and disastrous events, the now 34-year-old child was ready for change as she had it up to her eyeballs of the way she was being treated. So, she made one tough choice to break free and make something of her life….And then the fairy-tale began, or so she thought.

Mr.Right finally showed himself and there was so much love between them, they were the two happiest pair going. But, they got caught. He was sent on leave and they were never to speak to and see each other again; it broke both their hearts in two. She no longer cared or felt fear of even dying. Morbid yes, but she was through with her life and the one thing, bringing so much happiness into her life, was taken away from her. That was when the nightmare begun.

Over time, twists and turns exposed themselves – no-one had her back, except for the man she loved. But still, the strain got to him too and bitterness, anger, resentment, pain and frustration began taking over both of them. Fate had played them a hard hand: Fate too had also given them the biggest gift of their lives –  one another.

Will they get past all that stand in their way? Yes. Will the nightmare be ever over? Yes. Why? Because they have three things in common: Unbreakable Love; Unwavering trust; And a strength that is beyond measure. Many have tried to break them apart and failed – there’s not much left these two can have thrown at them. They are in Love. Therefore, they will then, live happily ever after!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This story was created with the aid of the FWF ‘Free Write Friday’ prompt from the dear Kellie Elmore 

School for Vampires

Friday Fictioneers – 100 word Flash Fiction piece from an image prompt. Courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Friday Fictioneers | Miriam-Reuben
Friday Fictioneers | Miriam-Reuben Wisoff

 * * * * *

School for Vampires


PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -Jennifer Pendergast


Jason and a frightened Holly, hand in hand, stared at what was their way out to freedom.

“It’s okay Hol, the others said it’s safe – it’s our way out of here, what we’ve been searching for, for so long. It’s okay, I promise”

How reassured Holly was feeling was not close to how certain Jason felt.

“What if it’s a lie, a myth? A fantasy that we could ever break free of this place. I’m scared Jay”

“Keep hold of my hand Hol, and on 3 we run and leap”

They did. And were never seen again.

Nor their bodies found.

* * *

Friday Fictioneers May 30th Photo source here

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The Lion and his Lioness

Genre: Romance


I used to look at him, there was something strange that I could not put my finger on, he was beautiful though. Our eyes literally spoke as we walked past each other “I want you” his said, and mine? “come get me”. And with that, ‘We’ were created as an ‘Us’. Then he went away.  My heart broke in half, I didn’t want to live any more, but I had a strange feeling of hope inside, that he’d one day come back.

I moved on after that, went away to study, yet I always had this feeling of wherever I went, he was there, right by my side as if we never parted. I dated other boys, but they were nothing like him.

The seasons rolled by one at a time after each other until a full circle would bring them around again. I never did see him in all those years. But something felt, in a good way, right. I just knew, like the seasons, we’d come full circle once we’d completed carving out our own destinies: It was like The Light had bought us together and The Light – it never misleads.

Dark days occurred where I’d miss him throughout my entire being. Madly, though, I kept hopeful one day will come where we’ll meet. And it sure as hell did!

Lions in a forest, lost, but always looking for their pride. Beasts will always find their mate, enduring harsh realities and much walking. But they always meet, eventually. And when they do, they create their off-spring; a Lioness, cleaning and teaching her young; The Lion, protecting his prizes. They stay together, whatever the researchers think who can’t get close enough to see the real truth. A Lion never loses his first mate; the Lioness nor hers; they remain, whatever.

And that’s how the story goes with him and me. We’ll never lose sight of each other again. And we’ll never stray away. If we did, we’d lose the fight, grow weak and be lost in the wilderness like the Lions.

My friends always thought me odd that I’d wait this long for a man. What they didn’t know was that we loved each other and we never left. In distance we did leave, but in spirit, we were there in each others grasp the whole time.

Learn from this my friends: Learn to let the other breathe and clear their spaces first before you jump right in. Because if it is eternal, you’ll never be apart for a single moment, however you feel. They’ll always return in a full circle like the cycle of the seasons. And when that happens, you’ll be laughing your heads off!

* * * * *

FWF by Kellie Elmore Prompt, here



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A Tale of Two Worlds

DPchallenge gulfshores-coastline-vertical1 DPchallenge gulfshores-keep-off DPchallenge gulfshores-seagulls-flying

Genre: General Fiction


A Tale of Two Worlds

Time had stood still. This place was idyllic, a far cry from our tenement amid the bustle and noise of Central London not forgetting the smell and the dirt pollution left on us. No, this place was very different.

“I miss the kids” I told Joe as I snuggled in closer to his body.

“We needed this break Liz, the kids can get just a bit of a handful at times” he gently spoke back, a touch of jest in his words.

He was right, 5 kids, all at different ages, was a handful. Plus, this is the first holiday we’d had in a very long time. Between the two youngest being born, I make it 6 years.

“What do you want to do now”? I asked.

“Nothing, just stay right here a bit longer”

We’d been soaking in the sun as we walked the sandy beaches, how long for, I have no idea. It was like there was no time here, just peace. The sound of the sea, the feel of sand on our bare feet, the warm breeze; this is what life should be all about, not the endless barrage of stress day in day out that life offered. I wish we could stay here forever.

“Come on, lets eat, over there” Joe pointed to an open restaurant. In our absent-mindedness we must have walked from one resort to the next!

With our bellies full, I had a thought.

“Why don’t we move here? You could set up business, there’s plenty of building work happening. The kids could go to school, learn Spanish, we all could. We’d no longer have to live cramped in our small apartment and all this, we could have it every day”.

I was surprised. Joe’s eyes actually looked like he was contemplating what I had just said.

“Well, work would be easy to come by out here. The kids would love it and it would be a lot cheaper to live than London. Why not? Sod it Liz, I’m sick of the tiresome shit day in day out, and we’ve already talked about not wanting our kids to grow up with what we see every day.

Matt and Ellen moved out here a few years back; even they said how much their lives and the kids’ had changed. Do you remember the evening we had with them when they popped back and how good they looked, let alone how happy they were”?

I could’nt believe what I was hearing, he’s actually serious! Cousin Matt and family had changed – they were happy, it actually saved their marriage. For us, this could truly happen. No more litter bins splaying their rubbish outside; The drug problem that threatened our babies. The list could go on for how bad it is living where we are.

Joe had his mind made up, it was written all over his face.

“I Fucking Love You”!! I blurted, a bit too loudly, as I threw my arms around him. This was it, this was really and truly going to happen. And three months later… It did!

There is a saying:

“Be careful what you wish for ”

I’m glad I wished for this 3 months back when we walked down this very same stretch of beach. If I had not of… this may never have come true!

* * * * *

Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes by Krista on March 3, 2014

Photo Source: Three Views Along the Shore by Sue Nash

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