A Ruthless RaceĀ 


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A Ruthless Race

Don’t you know that we watch you?

Your buildings, museums, cathedrals, pillars, posts; we are part of them; spying, observing, looking… judging.

We’ve watched you millennia after millennia, and do you know what we see? A pathetic race of beings that only seem to be evolving to themselves when in fact you are as barbaric as the day you were formed.

You have not changed.

War, famine, hunger, poverty / Abundance, opulence, possessions, wealth. Half your world is starving and the rest complain that their steaks aren’t cooked right. Many have no clean water to drink yet many have lavish fountains in their squares, hotels, gardens and spa’s.

We are judging, we are deciding what to do with mankind and our decision will be final. Life, as you have believed, is not in your hands, It is in ours. And I strongly suggest you wake up, open your eyes and see. For it is your blindness that will ultimately be the demise of what it is to be human.

And that day is coming.

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The ‘Ne Plus Ultra’ Address

Genre: Science Fiction



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The ‘Ne Plus Ultra’ Address

“Welcome, welcome, to the future that is Binary-Genetic Engineering!

Here at the Institute of Ne Plus Ultra Perfection, we are incredibly excited to announce that what was once a mere idea in one of sciences greatest mind, has now become a reality!

My friends: The prototype that begun this expansion on nature just one decade ago – Yes, just 10 years ago – is finally now ready for its grand launch to the world in a few short days!

Model XJ-2251 came out of its Beta testing stage a few months ago and I’m overjoyed to say that there has been no glitches in its system!

We have created the perfect Woman. Men no longer need contend with the associated trivialities and annoyances of human women. No, all that is past, and Model XJ-2251 is just the beginning, the here and the now…. the future.

So, to all my friends and colleagues who made this dream possible, please, raise your glasses…’To reality, and to the present’ and may all Men prosper with longevity and eternity!….Cheers”


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