World Cup Digression: Apologies & Injustice

World cup England
World cup England (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I cannot believe the performance of a certain team – mine – in this years World Cup. I am utterly disgusted with England’s play. ‘We’ invented the game, football/soccer is England’s National Sport – and this is how we justify paying 10’s of thousand’s of pounds each week to individual players who let us down every single major tournament there is? It leaves a bad, bad feeling in me.

I’ve been following the World Cup, watching every game when possible, and I have to say the class of some of the teams are just amazing. I’m watching ‘Mexico-Holland’ right now and the skill with which is being played, it is no wonder England never even made it to the final 16, I’m not surprised at all: The teams that made it through are in a completely different league altogether.

England didn’t stand a chance.

Very frustrating, but despite our never-dying hopes, this is what has become to be expected: Sad, but True.

Who do I want to win? The team that plays the best and therefore is the most deserving; simple as that.

The frustration is prevalent; not only because we played shit, but how much our players are being paid – there is NO justification in that. I’m so annoyed, mad, angry. I’ll continue to watch the matches as some teams play very beautifully and for that reason, it’s good to kick back and enjoy the rest of the excitement from the comfort of the living room.

Apologies for my lack of posts, I have a lot going on and my writing had to take a back seat. I plan on writing some stories asap, along with working on my book too, so please don’t go anywhere… not just yet!

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Hi 🙂 I genuinely suffer with ‘Vertigo‘. Some call it a Symptom and in extreme cases, an Illness.

When I cross that bridge and look down at the motorway below – my body, as if possessed by an unknown force, immediately shifts itself away from the railing. It’s like an autopilot reaction I don’t have control over.

I also have a fear of heights: Maybe I have both…

‘Ladders’ – Dad climbs up them every day; me, on the other hand, cannot move beyond the first rung. My head starts to spin and fear gets the better of me.

Why am I getting it? At 21, I feel from an upstairs window (‘Ouch’ – I know!) and was hurt quite badly. And I’ve had this problem ever since.

This is how Vertigo feels:

  • Your body going off-balance by itself
  • You get really light-headed
  • A dizzy, unsettled, feeling
  • Scared

It’s quite upsetting if I’m honest.

A dream I have is to go Horse Riding. I did it once and felt how high up it was and I was scared then. I intend to try one more time and if I can’t cope with it then I’ll get down. But if I could…. I would go tomorrow if it wasn’t for fear holding me back. There will be a day that I’ll give it a go. Horses I love, I love feeding them carrots: So we’ll see.

Lastly, even stairs I am weary of. Must be my age (I’m getting on!). And the fact I nearly broke my ankle recently falling down some, doesn’t help matters.

So, as with most things, it’s something I must live with and endure.

But I do wonder though if it can ever be cured and overcome.

What do you reckon?

Maybe it’s time I Googled it 🙂

* * *

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