Links to Writing Prompts

I’ve created a list for you detailing all the writing prompt sites available to me. I hope you will find them of some use šŸ™‚


The following are website links for writing prompts:

  • 365 Creative Writing Prompts – ThinkWritten here
  • Writing Prompts That Don’t Suck here
  • Writing Prompts and Motivation – Reddit here
  • 1000+ Ideas About Writing Prompts – Pinterest here
  • Generate Writing Prompts here
  • Creative Writing Prompts here
  • Fiction Writing Prompts – Writing Forward here
  • Random Plot Generator here
  • The Write Prompts: 7 days a week here
  • Promptuarium – The Writers Store Room here
  • Grab Bag – Random generated prompts here
  • Pinterest – Writing Prompts Boards here


Apps for IOS There are not really any free apps except an iPhone App I managed to find called Flash Fiction Prompter which does also work on the iPad (though you need to search within iPhone Only). There are however, an assortment of Paid For Apps which I didn’t want to list because of promotion issues, but searching for Writing Prompts will bring these up then you can decide if you wish to purchase any.


Apps for Android These are FREE apps, they vary slightly but are essentially all Writing Prompt apps Ā (click on the colourful ‘here’ next to each App mentionedĀ to take you to its corresponding Play Store page).

  • Writing Prompts ARC Apps hereĀ 
  • Writing Exercises And Prompts JG Applications here
  • Writing Prompts Widget Celeste Parker here
  • Story Plot Generator ARC Apps here
  • Writer Unblocked Bladed Cyber Technologies LLC hereĀ 
  • Writing Prompts Datamix Soft here

There are Paid for apps available on Android as well.



And finally for a bit of fun:

The Worst Reddit Writing Prompts Of All Time!! click me!Ā it’s very amusing!