I have never seen someone so frazzled. I’ve got to go up and help her before she has a coronary.

“Meggie love, why don’t you come down for a bit, it be good to take the load off for an hour or two”.

“Mum! I haven’t got time! Exams start tomorrow – as you well know – and I need to prepare. Can you seriously not see how much work I’ve got?!!”

“Okay, but you’ve got to take a break, love”

“Mum!! if I really want your advice I’ll ask! Shut the door on your way out!!”

There wasn’t much I could say to that. But I will be knocking on her door later to come down for dinner. Surely she’s aware that she must eat.

She doesn’t come down to eat. Not tonight nor the following several nights. It’s the same routine: I knock, she yells, and I end up leaving sandwiches outside her door. Thankfully, the plates are always empty by the morning.

I know exam week is tough and getting her A-Levels is a massive deal, but what I can’t understand is why not grade them throughout the year instead of condensing everything they’ve learned into one final exam, expecting them to have it all memorised?? It makes no sense to me.

Today is the day. She’s taking her last exam. I’m a bit nervous about her coming home. I don’t know what mood she’ll be in. I’ve never seen her so stressed and I’m hoping she’ll be able to relax now.

I hear the front door opening and she comes in. I’m worried.

“Hello, love. All alright?”

Without even acknowledging me, she tramples dirt into the lounge carpet. Plonks herself onto the sofa. Kicks off her muddy trainers before putting her feet up on the coffee table – which she knows I hate. The Remote control is already in her hand and she starts flicking through the TV channels. It doesn’t seem to matter that I was actually watching something. And then, she says her favourite three words…..

“Mum, I’m hungry”.

She doesn’t even look at me, just carries on flicking through the channels.

My daughter is one of the laziest, cockiest and arrogant people I’ve ever met. She thinks that I’m her servant put on this earth to clean after her, feed her and generally be her dogsbody.

But, now that the stress of exam week is finally over, I can see my baby is back to her usual,  ‘delightful’ self.

I walk to the kitchen to fix her something to eat, and I smile 🙂


* * *

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100 Words: Parent

This story, formed as a letter, is inspired by The Jennifer Pan Story’. A tragic True Crime case that divided opinion. 


Dear Jennifer,

I’ve tried to understand and I think I now do.

Many despise you. They cannot comprehend what you went through that lead to their murder. But the impact your parents had on your life: You never stood a chance.

You tried to get good grades. You tried to come home early. You tried to obey.

You were forbidden to wear makeup. You weren’t allowed any friends. You were only allowed to study. ‘Jennifer’ didn’t matter.

You matter to me. My book will tell the truth and I’ll make people see.

So, hang in there….

….We’re getting you out.



* * *

This 100-word only prompt – Parent – is from Tara R at her blog, Thin Spiral Notebook. Write 100 words exactly – not one word more, and not one less. Check out others take Here on the word prompt ‘Parent’ 🙂


She always said she’d never give up chasing.

Such a sadness in her eyes. But she has it all now. It’s been her dream for as far back as she can remember. She chased and she finally found the fame she was looking for.

The crowd cheers as she walks on the stage. She knows why they cheer because she looks beautiful and she sounds beautiful. I watch her and she seems happy.

I’m not the only one who thinks this. But there are a few of us who think, that she is an Angel, in one way or another. Her music, at least, is inspired by the divine, touching our souls

At the end of the show, she goes home. And then her loneliness sets in.

Yesterday she said she wouldn’t. But her hand reaches for it anyway. And she drinks to oblivion.

Tomorrow she flies out to Europe. She’ll hear the crowds calling her name. She’ll see many weeping. And then there’ll be me. I have tickets for every show and I’ll watch her hoping she will notice me. After all, she must know me – the man who wants to marry her – by now. I’ve never missed a show, nor an appearance. And I’ve always been there.

I know she’s wasted tonight. She’s Trying to forget. My dream is to hold her. And to love her.

I need to get to sleep now. I have a busy month ahead. So I say the silent prayer I always do every night before I drift off to sleep:

“Please God, I’ve asked so many times…Please…. Please help her notice me”

* * *

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She was bitter. Why? Because she woke up.

Her life was a tragedy. Abused physically, emotionally and sexually. Her life was filled with depression, the earliest memory of feeling so unhappy she could remember, was when she was 6. The children in the playground made her even sadder. She envied them. The laughter, the playing and their freedom. She never knew these things.

And as she grew older she knew she wouldn’t have a good life.

And so it was in her late teens that she realised her life was too painful. Her boyfriend was unsupportive. He didn’t have a job. He was a thief and an addict. But she loved him. Well, she thought she did.

One night she realised this was not the life she wanted. But because of her childhood trauma, she knew there wasn’t a better life she could move on to. It was hopeless. So she decided to end her life.

After 2 weeks of preparation, she now had the cocktail of drugs she needed. Some from the Doctor’s and some she had bought. Her partner was scoring at the time, at someone’s home an hour away from theirs. She made up a lie and left her boyfriend there.

She got home and she swallowed every single pill.

She was in the intensive care unit, unconscious, for a week. Her parents visited daily. Her mum would talk to her non-stop. There was a part of her that could hear because tears would run down her face when her mum told her how much she was loved.

On her release from the mental health unit she was sectioned to, she saw her Psychiatrist the next day. She was angry. “Why the fuck did I wake up?! She yelled.

The biggest regret of her entire life was that she never died.

She came close to it again recently. But something had changed. She didn’t want to kill herself, she wanted a shot at happiness. And since that moment, her life got better.

She needed to and had to come that close again. Because it was in that moment she finally decided one way or the other: live or to die.

She chose to live.


* * *


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She truly believed that she was better than all of us. Her arrogance simply grated on everybody’s nerves. Funny how she chose to surround herself with those she deemed less than herself. Yet put her with people she looked upon as successful and wealthy, and she was out of her depth. And then she’d come running back to us.

I’ll never forget a statement she once made: “I can get any man I want” is what she said. I was in complete disbelief. Yes, she was smartly dressed and attractive, but I knew many men who would have shooed her away.

I saw her last week, for the first time in 10 years. I had to do a double-take. All I could think was how much of a state she looked. All I could see was the same woman, wearing the same style of clothes with the same style of hair. But there was one huge difference: she was unkempt. Her once sleek hair was now a mass of unwashed, knotted strands. Her clothes no longer suited her age and her ‘boyfriend’, I presume, looked even worse.

I do wonder if she still thinks she can have any man she wants. Knowing her, she probably does. As I sit there I see her looking at me. I glance up and she quickly looks away. She knows I’m doing well.  Her lack of verbal means I no longer belong in her circle, the one that made her feel better about herself.

Of course, I can live with that. But I would have still talked to her.


* * *

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No writing a post today. I was going to, but I became annoyed.

Last night I decided I would write for today’s DP prompt. But I’m too annoyed.

My ancient iPad has really been annoying me. I had no choice but to reset the entire device which I did only a few hours ago. It now runs better. I’m installing just the essentials, just the minimal of apps to keep it running smooth. It really is an ancient tab.

I check the time. It’s 3.30 pm. Where the heck is the DP prompt? Gmail is reinstalled. Accounts are all working. My notifications are all correctly set up. DP post is really late today: way too late. I better double-check.

No DP prompt post turns into a DP post my Gmail did ‘Not’ notify me of! Every other email received, failed not to alert me. I was so annoyed. I can’t write a post now, I’m really too annoyed! I can’t think now. And as I can’t, I’ll pop over to DP and read what others have formulated from the prompt ‘None’.

Ooh, what equally lovely, great, interesting and informative posts I’ve read! Poems beautifully written. The shortest post I’ve ever read. A wonderful post on the Honey Bee. And a post I did not get.

My annoyance had quietly passed.

And I decided to write.

Now I have a post. Though earlier thinking there really would be ‘None’!


* * *

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Quick Tip: Tagging for Shelf Life

Inspired by a few comments I’d read in First Friday and the importance of tagging, especially the golden rule of using only 15 including categories. I asked Michelle W at WP headquarters to write a post on this and she linked me to this already written post that explains the how’s and why’s about tagging. I’ve reblogged to help spread the info.

The Daily Post

Tagging? Again?!”

Well, yes — because nothing makes me sadder than finding a well-crafted post, only to scroll down to the bottom of the page and find that it’s badly tagged or — shudders! — untagged. (Ok, a few things make me sadder. But still.)

The reason for my sadness? I know that while I may have found the post and enjoyed it, many others — especially bloggers who rely on the Reader — won’t.

Tagging is so important not only because it brings your site traffic (though that’s important for many, of course), but also because it can bring you the right kind of traffic. It connects you to people who are passionate about the same topics as you, and who might belong to online communities you want to tap into.

Sweet fifteen

You may have already heard the cardinal rule of tagging on, but it’s…

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