No Bad Deeds go Unpunished

Genre: Horror-esque

Thomas Baker was indeed one of the world’s pessimists. A gaunt fellow in need of some food, clean clothes and a mighty good shave. And a dose of luck. Through a series of misfortunes, Tom Baker had lost everything: his wife, house, job, car and children. Who could blame him for his lack of optimism. I don’t. But the day was coming when his run of bad luck would all change.

In the busy shopping town of Newquey, Tom found his regular spot between a supermarket and a department store. Making himself comfortable – as comfortable as one can be sitting on a concrete floor – he began his desperate mantra to the shoppers: “Please spare me some change, please?”.

A few hours later, with little more than £1.50, Tom was despondent, depressed and dejected. Just as he was about to get up with his measly pennies a voice brought him out of his stupor. He looked up to find an elderly, kind face looking down at him. The man was dressed almost like a Priest, Tom thought. The man had Tom’s attention. And began to share a Secret with him.

Tom wanted proof. Proof that what the man had told him was true. That he could get back everything he had lost, and more. All he had to do was go to some Church situated behind some bend on some avenue somewhere up the road and pray at its altar. Tom thought he knew this town: he’d never seen this Church nor got the scoop from anyone else that it existed. But, Tom had nothing to lose and so began to follow the priests directions on the scrap of paper in his hand. 

Reaching the location, there was indeed a Church and Tom wondered how he’d never seen it before. Okay it’s obscured and a little small, but surely he would have heard of it. Shrugging, he pushes the door open and enters.

Now, The kind Priest is in fact a collector. He takes souls from those who have done wrong in their life. And Tom had done plenty wrong.

He cheated on his Wife, continually. Set fire to his house for an insurance payout, incinerating the dogs in the process. Assaulted his boss causing internal bleeding, a head trauma and broken ribs (and, naturally, was sacked). Crashed his car deliberately for insurance money and severely injured an elderly couple . And he ignored his children their whole young lives. The circumstances he is now in was all of his own doing. And deserves no pity.

He was approaching the altar and getting ready to pray, when the priest stepped out from, to Tom, what seemed like nowhere. “I need you to sign this before you pray”, the Priest told him. Tom signed, not even reading it. He just wanted to get on with getting his life back regardless of the detriment it would cause his family especially. He simply didn’t care.

Folding the papers into his pocket, the Priest mumbled a few words then clapped his hands once.

Tom immediately found himself in his bed, in his home, laying next to his wife. It worked, he thought excitedly, it bloody worked! Hang on, this feels real, he said to himself now thinking it was a bad dream he just had.

But the house? Why is it still standing? Why are the dogs alive and growling at me? Why is my boss also in the bed cuddling my wife? Why are the children just standing there wielding knives? He didn’t understand.

Then his wife stirred. “Hello Dear. Guess what? This is where your real nightmare begins. Welcome to your very own personal Hell and kissed his cheek. Then she and the others turned into The Black Demons – from Hell.


* * *

Hello! 🙂 I am soooo glad to have got this story written. I nearly quit when the brain-fog began to enter. It was great to finally finish it.

The Prompt is from a newly found Weekly Writing Challenge I discovered over at Jennifer Kiley’s ‘Secret Keeper’ blog. Click here to check it out. 5 words are given each Monday to weave any type of Poem or Flash piece. The 5 words for this week (#56) are -Proof-Share-Secret-Bend-Scoop. And here is the posts direct link.

And, as always, Thank you very much for reading and come back again soon! 🙂


The Evil That Finds Me

Hi all, sorry it’s been a while – I live in an Amusement Park!

Here’s a tale that just might make you think, a little maybe! 😉

VisDare 69: Vigilant

Thank you Angela for another cracking picture prompt! (source here).

* * * * *


The Evil That Finds Me


I’m hanging on to every breath I take, the beating of my heart pounding in my chest.

I can hear their howls, the demonic noises coursing through my blood, fracturing my bones.

I cannot make a sound.

I cannot move until I hear them at a distance. I need to get back, and return quick to my own realm, not this, not theirs, not this….

I hear a sound, my breath holds. Then a hand grabs me, yanking me with its force to my knees, until I am at its foot.

“Little, light one” it snarls down on me. I cannot look. This is it. Me. I’m theirs.

Thunder booms and cracks like fire and ice. The Heaven I know begins to fade, leaving me, I cannot control…


The air begins to glisten.

The Demon releases its grip. It screams, piercing my ears with so much pain, then its last breath is gone .

I am being gently pulled. Back, back toward the light, back toward my realm.

Angels cradle all around me. I am back!

Back behind that very thin line: That thin line which separates good and evil.

Forever, I shall now tread very carefully.


* * *




A Dangerous Game


Here’s another one of Angela’s great photo prompts, enjoy the story!

VisDare68: Precarious

A Dangerous Game

Philip Smith was approaching the Final of the Grand Master Chess tournament and he needed to win the money, bad.

“Hello Mr. Smith, I’ve come to help you. My name, Sir, is Diablo.”

Philip sold his soul in exchange for a different perspective on his upcoming match to defeat his opponent. The other guy was good and Philip needed to see through his competitors strategy to ensure the prize money would be his.

(My friends, look at the photo – That was the new perspective Diablo had given him).

“Okay! I give up my ability to play Chess at all, Diablo, as long as you return my perspective to me”

Diablo granted the request. Philip returned, right-side up. And he also played in the Chess final… But he won.

He did not understand how that was possible, until he checked his bank balance. No money from the win was in there.

Diablo appeared…

“Where is my money!”

The Devil smiled.

“Did you honestly believe you could bargain with me?”

“I said I’d lose my ability to play Chess!” Philip screamed.

“Yes, that’s right, you did…. But your soul? You should have asked for me to return that to you instead”

Philip then realized, he had played his last, final game.

And lost.

* * *

The Relentless Paralysis of Sleep

The sounds, the mental noise. I know I am tired, I know I need sleep, but my mind won’t allow me. I plead for it to recognise my weary, worn-out body, tell it to please let me sleep. But it won’t.

I turn on my back, making my space comfortable. I shut my eyes, I focus on my breath – in, out, in, out, in – hold…. and out. I feel it’s calming me. Then I hear the noise, the other one; it hisses intermittently in my ears as my head falls under its spell and I know I must fight the demons that come when my mind is awake and my body slowly locks as it falls into paralysis.

I fight, using every bit of strength in my body to kick myself from its constricting grip. I don’t want to see the monsters, I don’t want to hear the moans that taunt me by calling my name. I’m able to move again, sighing, asking why it happens to me.. But, to date, I’ve found no answer I’m yet to believe.

So when the buzzing passes my ear, I know I am slipping down once more. Again, I muster all my will to pull myself from its nightmare hold.

I have to get up.

I go to the lounge, curling up on the sofa, hugging the pillows close to my head. I’m not out of danger yet, but at least I’m no longer in the room where this terror usually occurs.

How wrong was I.

Hissing and buzzing – like electricity scorching through my brain. I get up, so tired I almost fall, the frame of the door holds me. I rub my eyes as I decide whether to be safe, and opt for a decaf, or know through my many accounts of this, to give in and work.

I opt for decaf just in case it has passed.

I don’t distract myself yet, as I am consumed with exhaustion. So I give it one last shot, offing the light, resuming my place, closing my eyes and wishing for sleep.

I wait, almost holding my breath far too long; then a hand brushes my face, a buzz passes my ear again and I know that I am defeated. The sleep paralysis has taken over and I can fight it no more.

I pull myself up, the computer comes on, I make a strong coffee and I start to work.

Taking comfort in knowing tonight’s nightmare has ceased, I agree that later, I will sleep. Because by then, through enough experience, I know I’ll be able to rest… The omen of the night is now the past and just a shadow I want to forget…Again.

And I make another coffee.


* * *

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