No Bad Deeds go Unpunished

Genre: Horror-esque

Thomas Baker was indeed one of the world’s pessimists. A gaunt fellow in need of some food, clean clothes and a mighty good shave. And a dose of luck. Through a series of misfortunes, Tom Baker had lost everything: his wife, house, job, car and children. Who could blame him for his lack of optimism. I don’t. But the day was coming when his run of bad luck would all change.

In the busy shopping town of Newquey, Tom found his regular spot between a supermarket and a department store. Making himself comfortable – as comfortable as one can be sitting on a concrete floor – he began his desperate mantra to the shoppers: “Please spare me some change, please?”.

A few hours later, with little more than £1.50, Tom was despondent, depressed and dejected. Just as he was about to get up with his measly pennies a voice brought him out of his stupor. He looked up to find an elderly, kind face looking down at him. The man was dressed almost like a Priest, Tom thought. The man had Tom’s attention. And began to share a Secret with him.

Tom wanted proof. Proof that what the man had told him was true. That he could get back everything he had lost, and more. All he had to do was go to some Church situated behind some bend on some avenue somewhere up the road and pray at its altar. Tom thought he knew this town: he’d never seen this Church nor got the scoop from anyone else that it existed. But, Tom had nothing to lose and so began to follow the priests directions on the scrap of paper in his hand. 

Reaching the location, there was indeed a Church and Tom wondered how he’d never seen it before. Okay it’s obscured and a little small, but surely he would have heard of it. Shrugging, he pushes the door open and enters.

Now, The kind Priest is in fact a collector. He takes souls from those who have done wrong in their life. And Tom had done plenty wrong.

He cheated on his Wife, continually. Set fire to his house for an insurance payout, incinerating the dogs in the process. Assaulted his boss causing internal bleeding, a head trauma and broken ribs (and, naturally, was sacked). Crashed his car deliberately for insurance money and severely injured an elderly couple . And he ignored his children their whole young lives. The circumstances he is now in was all of his own doing. And deserves no pity.

He was approaching the altar and getting ready to pray, when the priest stepped out from, to Tom, what seemed like nowhere. “I need you to sign this before you pray”, the Priest told him. Tom signed, not even reading it. He just wanted to get on with getting his life back regardless of the detriment it would cause his family especially. He simply didn’t care.

Folding the papers into his pocket, the Priest mumbled a few words then clapped his hands once.

Tom immediately found himself in his bed, in his home, laying next to his wife. It worked, he thought excitedly, it bloody worked! Hang on, this feels real, he said to himself now thinking it was a bad dream he just had.

But the house? Why is it still standing? Why are the dogs alive and growling at me? Why is my boss also in the bed cuddling my wife? Why are the children just standing there wielding knives? He didn’t understand.

Then his wife stirred. “Hello Dear. Guess what? This is where your real nightmare begins. Welcome to your very own personal Hell and kissed his cheek. Then she and the others turned into The Black Demons – from Hell.


* * *

Hello! 🙂 I am soooo glad to have got this story written. I nearly quit when the brain-fog began to enter. It was great to finally finish it.

The Prompt is from a newly found Weekly Writing Challenge I discovered over at Jennifer Kiley’s ‘Secret Keeper’ blog. Click here to check it out. 5 words are given each Monday to weave any type of Poem or Flash piece. The 5 words for this week (#56) are -Proof-Share-Secret-Bend-Scoop. And here is the posts direct link.

And, as always, Thank you very much for reading and come back again soon! 🙂


A Ruthless Race 


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A Ruthless Race

Don’t you know that we watch you?

Your buildings, museums, cathedrals, pillars, posts; we are part of them; spying, observing, looking… judging.

We’ve watched you millennia after millennia, and do you know what we see? A pathetic race of beings that only seem to be evolving to themselves when in fact you are as barbaric as the day you were formed.

You have not changed.

War, famine, hunger, poverty / Abundance, opulence, possessions, wealth. Half your world is starving and the rest complain that their steaks aren’t cooked right. Many have no clean water to drink yet many have lavish fountains in their squares, hotels, gardens and spa’s.

We are judging, we are deciding what to do with mankind and our decision will be final. Life, as you have believed, is not in your hands, It is in ours. And I strongly suggest you wake up, open your eyes and see. For it is your blindness that will ultimately be the demise of what it is to be human.

And that day is coming.

* * *

This piccy prompt is from Angela Goff’s weekly ‘VisDare’. The photo’s are super freaky and super awesome! Visit VisDare by Clicking Here

“Run, My Child”

Genre: Freaky, Disturbing, Dark



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“Run, My Child”


“We’ve trained you well, my little apprentice, and now it’s time for you to go”.

Ben was afraid; the people in the masks were all who he knew. 12 years ago, while his father was paying for fuel at a gas station, 3 of the masked men snatched him and took hm away: He was just 2.

The men in the masks became his family and they raised him. And in all that time, he never once saw their faces.

Daily they would train him until exhaustion made him drop: Running, combat, judo, gymnastics, swimming, karate. His mind taught to survive interrogation, toughened to survive torture. This he had all learned, and it was now his time to leave.

His Master took him out to the woods to say goodbye.

But, what Ben didn’t realize was that this training, this endurance, wasn’t for him to survive in the world – it was to survive them.

Ben was their prey – and, shortly after the goodbye, the hunt would begin.

* * *

A late VisDare (here), but this photo blew me away when I saw it and it just had to become a story.

‘Visual Dare’ is on every Wednesday and if you click here, you’ll be directed over to Angela’s VisDare page for more info 🙂

Dude, That is SO Messed Up!!

**Warning: This is an ‘amusing’ Dark story that may offend**


Genre: Disturbing/Dark, Humour/Humor


Dude, That is SO Messed Up!!


“Dude, trust me, that whole fuck of a family are twisted psycho’s”

“I thought I’d have no balls left she was grabbing them so tight”

“Seriously, man, keep well away from that psycho bitch”

“Do you reckon it’s true then, you know, what they say about her brother?”

“Reckon?! More like Totally True!… He’s one of those who, in a few years, will progress from killing and eating animals to cannibalizing human beings…. Alive”

“No F Way! That is Sick!”

“And…. Her sister? I heard she’s in the nut-house coz she kept puking up her food – anorexia or some shit – and then after… was drinking her own vomit so she could be sick again”

“Noooo….That is so fucked up, man!”

“You know who the biggest sick and twisted psycho in that house is?…. Her Dad”

“Why, what’s his deal?”

“Dude, he fucks dead people”

“What the Fuck!”

“Yeah, when his wife died, he kept her body in the fridge in his cellar and screwed her every night… for a month!”

“No Effing Way!!”


“That is one fucked up family”

“Dude, Trust me….. if that bitch starts rubbing your crotch again and saying she wants to eat your cock for dinner….”

“….Nah, she ain’t coming near my ‘goods’ now I know all this. Thanks, bro, for the heads up, see you after Math class?”

“Yeah, sure, meet you in gym for basketball practice…. Laters dude”.


* * *

Thank You Kristen Poli for introducing me to your Saturday Fiction Prompts!! here This was immensely enjoyable – even if it makes me sound like a twisted f*** myself for coming up with the story in the first place… But it was still a lot of fun writing it!


Will They still be the Same

Genre: Chilling, Psychological


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Will They still be the Same


“Come on in” said the clown: The children were very scared.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise”: The children still held back.

“If you all come in I shall pay the entry for you, the experience will be free!”: The children thought about it.

“And, if you come now – I will give you free passes forever”: Now, the children were getting excited.

“This is the Fun-House children, happiness assured by me, your friendly clown”: The children felt more at ease, approached and ascended the steps.

“Well done my little friends. Now, just push the door open and all of you step inside”: The children did as they were told.

The door closed and locked behind them: in the dark they felt very afraid.

They heard the clown once more: “Children, this is ‘My’ Fun-House, try to get to the other door, see if you can leave!”.

There was no other way out:

And 6 years later the children are still missing.


* * *

160 Words

Thanks to ‘PJ’ at ‘Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers’ here for this weeks prompt!

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Evil, Personified – The Doctor (part 3)

Genre: Disturbing


WARNING: Please take caution as this story is intended for mature audiences only and not suitable for people under 18.


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* * * * * * *


Amy Lester sat silently in the leather chair opposite Dr. Rupert Somes, just a heavy wooden desk between them. She had no idea what to say to him, where to begin. Rupert watched as Amy sat almost childlike in his office; he was going to enjoy this.

* * *

Before the Amy’s tears came, she had startled Somes with the outburst of the question “Why? Why did he do this to me?”Flying hands accompanying her raised voice that has been just as animate. Then she burst into tears, her palms on her face as she just sobbed, loudly – too loudly for the Dr to bear. Handing her a box of tissues he gently told her he wanted to help, waiting to go back to that night as a way of confronting the ordeal so Amy will no longer be haunted. Of course, Somes just wanted a repeat performance of the young Kelly Rodgers so as to satisfy his ever-increasing fascination about rape. It was simple as that and no other way of putting it. He wanted to know more. He wanted to rape and dominate this Amy Lester, who sat in front of him now wiping away her tears.

* * *

“It started when I was young Dr. Somes, the rape 7 years ago just brought all the memories crashing back. I feel I was put on this earth to be violated, hurt and fearful”. Rupert listened. “My Step-Father, he would wait until my mother and baby brother was asleep, then he’d come in my room and sit right there on the bed next to my face, reeking of alcohol. And then he would begin touching me, where he didn’t have my permission. Until I was 16 this went on for, no-one there to help, nobody witnessing it, no-one to tell. Can you see Doctor? I’m a mess because of it and the horrible things I felt about myself came true – it happened again, this time, 7 years back attacked by some dirty, dirty, sick bastard of a filthy pervert. It brought it all back, the last 7 years being hell on earth for me, unable to hold myself together. I have no life, I just exist day-to-day doing the best I can, working to get the rent paid, the bills, eat. Why did this happen to me?”

* * *

The whole time Amy spoke there grew a knot in his stomach, pushing down on him – he pushes it down, stuffing it away from his mind, but the strength of it he felt and he had to get out of there. “Amy, you are doing well, very well” She just nodded, back in the childlike state she was in earlier. “You’ve let a lot come out and it’s my practice to let my clients sit with those feelings, really feeling them, by themselves for a minute or two – it’s part of the process. So I shall be back in a few moments and we’ll continue. You have done very well”. He smiled as warmly as he could at her. She nodded in agreement and he left the room to head straight for the restroom where he felt he would truly throw his lunch up into the toilet.

* * *

He sat on the closed lid of the toilet in the cubicle, blotting the sweat that had begun to form on his upper lip, forehead and temples, blotting them as he tried so hard to get himself together: His mothers face came into his mind over and over. He swore he would never let it affect him again, he buries it deep inside himself, forgotten. And now this sick creature in his office has bought the memories, the feelings surging back. ‘Damn her’ he spoke with fury in his mind. Why? Why now after 30 odd years are the memories of his Mothers torment gripping him so tightly? ‘It’s her, It’s Amy Lester causing this. I refuse to let this happen, let her control me like this, dominate me. I do the dominating’ he swore to himself. His anger and rage bubbling too close to the surface made his mind up for him – Amy Lester is going to die.

* * * * * * *

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Story Prompt ‘3WW’ – ‘Three Word Wednesday’ by Thom G, using the words: Animate, Impassioned, Pervert.


Deutsch: Phrenologie
Deutsch: Phrenologie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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Evil, Personified – The Doctor (part 2)

Genre: Disturbing


WARNING: Please take caution as this story is intended for mature audiences only and not suitable for people under 18.


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* * * * *

2 am: Francine sits, her arms wrapped tightly around her knees. Her face is swollen from where he had punched her, through gritted teeth and snarling eyes, the punch that landed her unconscious. There are marks on her inner thighs and throat. No amount of scrubbing could remove those bruises and cuts. She is sore, inside and out. Her eyes stare blankly ahead at a spot on the wall. Why did he so violently attack, beat and rape her? She had no answer except for the confusion of her thoughts considering it was something she done to provoke him. The agony in her whole being was consuming her. So she gently lay on her side, feeling the pills effects, and waited, while she wished the world away.

* * *

2 am: Dr.Rupert Somes is pacing his apartment like some feral animal that was let loose. His hands fly to his head and down again repeatedly as he tries to calm himself for what he just did. He raped a woman. His curiosity got the better of him. He felt exhilarated; adrenaline coursing through his body causing his heart rate to pound in his chest. What had he done? He questioned as he splashed and splashed water over and over again at his face, wrapped up in emotions he had never felt. Clutching the edges of the sink, letting his breathing and heart beat slower, he gazed at himself. Within seconds he laughed, a wild and uncontrollable laughter as he stared into his own eyes. The simplicity of what he had done to Francine alluded him. He executed the whole thing with such ease that he could not contain his might. He reluctantly lay down, feeling the most power he ever had felt in his whole life, revelling in it. And Triumphantly, fell into a deep sleep.

* * *

Over the following few weeks, Dr. Somes decided to provide therapy at The Lockley Institute for Adolescent Mental Disorders for patients admitted for committing rape. Somes, eager to feed his desires, decided he wanted to know what went on in these minds. Before, he had only Kelly Rodgers who he held at the Institute giving her therapy to overcome being raped. This is where Rupert Somes’ insatiable desire for wanting to know how it would feel to rape someone, began. But, Kelly was discharged by Court Order and no young fledgling had taken her place. So, Dr. Rupert Somes went with the next best thing. And as time went on, his obsession grew.

The Doctor listened to these young persons accounts and quickly decided that he was not like them. Some expressed inadequacy, remorse, hatred towards themselves. But none came close to how Rupert, himself, felt. He wasn’t among these sad cases. He was different. He was powerful, strong, and believed he knew his own mind unlike the pitiful ‘I don’t know why I did it’ mentality these people possessed. He, on the other hand, enjoyed what he had begun. And his taste grew stronger.

* * *

The Doctor became tired of these animals at Lockley. After his first successful rape attempt with Francine Williams, he had more confidence. His thoughts turned to Private Therapy. He now started to focus his efforts on his Private Practice where all this began with the meeting with Kelly. He would leave Lockley and continue to advocate himself as the experienced Rape Victim Psychiatrist that had drawn her in at the beginning. He decided to change his therapeutic style. He wanted to become more of a befriender as well as practitioner. That would be his next move to entice vulnerable victims.

* * *

Amy Lester was just 19 when it happened to her. She had lived in seclusion, isolated herself from friends, even family. She had no life – A job, and that was it. Amy had kept her ordeal a secret, not even her lost close friends nor her Parents knew what had happened to her. She was ashamed, vulnerable and alone. She had seen a leaflet in the waiting room of her own General Practitioner’s while she waited to get her Anti-Depressants prescription. Even her Dr there didn’t know the truth. But at 26 years of age, Amy decided it was time to confront the destruction the rape had left behind. She no longer could stand her life and  wanted to move on.

In her small apartment, she had looked at the kind Doctors face on the leaflet. It was a face that made her feel safe for some reason. Feeling like she wanted to take control and get a shred of her life back that the bastard rapist stole from her 7 years ago. She decided that it was time for Therapy and She called Dr. Rupert Somes.

Within a week, they would meet.

* * * * *

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Story Prompt from ‘Three Word Wednesday’  using the three words: Feral, Insatiable, Shred

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