3 Brave Choices, 1 Option

To her, being brave means accepting the truth. Though knowing the truth means a great deal of pain. But without realizing these truths, living day to day, hour to hour and minute to minute is harder. The pain is still in there, but eating away at the insides. But, recalling, accepting, and ‘feeling’ those painful truths, really is the only way to be free of them and to make space for new and positive chapters to enter.

There are three choices: one, to numb out and repress. Two, to end the pain permanently. Or three, to look at it and release it. Bravery of the 1st one allows the self to continue each day. Bravery of the 2nd choice is to not fear the unknown. And the bravery of the 3rd, is the most painful. But ultimately, because options 1 and 2 have been tried and exhausted and hadn’t worked, remains the only one left to do.

And so ends this very, very short tale of someone who tried to repress the pain: Who tried to permanently end the pain: And then began to face the pain. And only by doing that, has put into motion what can only be described as the new beginning of a very long and painful end.


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Genre: Psychological, Dark




Am I healing?


What’s taken place, and what has been. What is no more, what no longer is.

What will be – I do not know.

The climb has been steady, with pitfalls and highs along its way.

The trajectory points up and forward, despite it being impossible to see.

The highs get higher, the laughter gets louder. On the flipside though, and there is a big one, the lows are much lower.

It’s no wonder each day I am comatose. I can’t take the stimulation of the highs as much as I’m unable to take the desperation of the lows.

If there is a middle road, I’m yet to walk it.

Pain is there, as I journey through hell. I’m traversing it, on it I’m balancing, and I’m holding my breath. Because at any time, I might fall.


So. Am I healing?


Things could be how they were. When I had no one, when nothing was all I did have. Hard work has made it better, although the lows contradict and tell me otherwise.

But I’m still here, so I carry on. Climbing, breathing and surviving.

One day I may be okay, one day I may heal. And Until that day comes, despite my tortured soul, I’ll hold on and hang on to the what that may well be:

I am free.




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As the Bud, She’ll Grow

As the Bud, She’ll Grow


She needed to blossom, but first had to get out of the current predicament that was stifling her growth. Despite being scared to leave the group she decided it was the best way forward for her. Whether she returns only time will tell. For now, though, she needs to be alone with herself to reground and feel all the deep accumulated emotions which had been growing inside her; and the only way out of that darkness was to feel her way through it.

Maybe it hurts to peel away what was. Maybe the flower that emerges from being a bud goes through the same metamorphosis. Maybe it too feels its awakening as a painful process. But the blossoming always comes, it’s a course which is naturally taken; if not, the flower withers and dies.

She doesn’t know whether traversing the darkness will, in time, bring the light. But as the flower grows she hopes she will too. For now she needs to go through the change her situation calls, and like the bud, hopes her blossoming will follow through.


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