100 Word Challenge: Cat

Hello! This is a 100 word – no more, no less – prompted story  from a site I came across called the ‘Thin spiral notebook’. Clicking this bit will take you to the 100 word challenge page there. And this story is a little tribute to my two furry friends 🙂 

Genre: From the Heart

cat in a Christmas tree

My cats are really sweet. They truly are a joy to me. One will sit there and stare, wanting us to play. The other purrs after just one word I say to him. They are each other’s friend – except when the little one gives chase: Then it’s pistols and handbags at the ready. I love my cats, I really do. And the love they give back is immeasurable. I think about the hurt cats all over the world and my heart breaks every single time. I’m glad I adopted mine, because the love they give… delights me all the while 🙂

* * *


Finally I’m Studying!

Hi guys!

Finally I am doing something about my writing….

I’ve started an online specialization course in Creative Writing from Wesleyan University which runs for about 6 months.  We are in the 2nd week, but I can still go at my own pace as long as the assignments are in by the due dates.

For me this is the most suitable option as I don’t have to travel for 90 minutes – and late at night – to the closest college around. Or get into 1000’s of pounds worth of debt going to Uni for a degree. Not only that, there is very little choice of what specifically you want to study, the Creative Writing degrees contain many elements that are of no interest.

No, studying this way is perfect for me…. And finding an appropriate course has been a long time coming – I believe I wrote about this subject over 6 – 12 months ago. So, yes, it’s taken a while. But finally! I have found the ideal course! (there’s a ‘moral of the story’ in that: never give up on what you want 🙂 )

So I’m all happy and all excited and feeling very fortunate to have finally found something where I actually learn some things in what I like doing.  And it feels right, I know I’m going to complete it – the course content is too valuable not to.

So, hopefully my confidence and self-belief will grow and I become more proficient and better as a writer!

Have a great rest of weekend guys and Thanks for reading! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Realms of a Garden (?)

Realms of a Garden (?)


I always dreamt of having a garden and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever have one.

Okay, I’m 75 now, but having lived in flats all my life and not having the financial means to move, I settled on it as being one of life’s wishes: until a wonderful man entered my life.

He is wealthy, very wealthy, and when he learnt of my deepest dreams he went and made as many as he could come true.

He and I may not have many years of life left in us, but the years we do have left will be lived out as if they were a dream: and this beautiful garden where I stand now is one of those dreams.

Sometimes, though, I still feel as if there is a need to open my eyes and wake up…. (???!)


(folks, make of the ending whatever you wish! 🙂 )


* * *

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On the Way to Shangri-la

 Genre: That’s Life

In Shangri-la Then and Now!



On the Way to Shangri-la

“Don’t be sad…I did have a great life after all and enjoyed it immensely. You gave me a home when my first owner discovered he was allergic to me; and you all took me in. And who did I meet? My brother! You already had him and we got to be reunited! And the fun we had…Sheesh!!

I’m still around even in spirit and always nearby – I like your new dog by the way!

Always remember me as I am in this photo; not as I was shortly after when it was my time to go. But know this, I’m still here, and please take comfort in that. And Thanks… You gave me the best life!

You all forever have my love”



* * *

Friday’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge 29/5/2015 – ‘On The Way’ – here with a story to go with it



The Trumpeter’s Secret!

Genre: Psychological, Variety Fiction



Photo Source

The Trumpeter’s Secret!

I’ve led a long and pleasurable life, and learned life’s biggest lesson…:

…(I’ll ease it to you now): There is no need to worry!

What ever is going to happen will happen anyway, so why trouble yourself by worrying?! You can’t change what life has for you…

Your spouse is your spouse; Your kids are your kids: Love and accept them… That’s all that’s needed!

People are people – always have been and always will be….

All around there is ‘this’ happening and ‘that’ happening… Don’t worry! It all happens whether you do or you don’t!

High’s and low’s?.. Relax, they happen to us all…

So, now, I shall kick back, lay in the sunshine on this cloudless day, and play my music: I might get a dollar, I might get a dime, I may get nothing… But, what I do know I’ll get is joy… So, why would I worry?!

Payment from life isn’t just in diamonds and gold and coins… It’s what comes from living with a peaceful mind…

And ‘That‘ is life’s most bountiful lesson!


* * *

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Kitty & The Well



 Genre: Humour/Humor


 64 06 June 15th 2014


Kitty & The Well


Kitty stretched away her morning stiffness along with a big yawn as she came out of her slumber.

Lazily, kitty made her way through the house and into the garden. The flower bed was where she was heading, you know, to do her ‘business’.

Well, Kitty had a shock when she saw someone else had got their first. She swore under her breath at the monstrosity that stood in her spot.

“This will not do”, Kitty thought.

Having neatly covered her morning offering with soil, she decided to try and see what this thing was, after all if they were going to share the same flower bed they may as well be acquainted.

Kitty is a Cat; Cats take their time.

And 20 minutes later she was finally done sniffing the object.

“What’s this?” Kitty pondered. She was up on her back feet peering into some darkness that this thing possessed.

More sniffing, more peering. Even with her eyes she could not see what was at the bottom. Kitty suddenly became very nervous; she only had one life left.

After much thought, she decided not to risk jumping down into the hole to explore. But, with all this excitement, she had worn herself out.

Back in her cozy bead, yawning once more, she curled herself into comfort. She would somehow get to the bottom of this.

“The Dog! Of course!” Kitty thought before she dozed off. “He’d be game enough to go down the hole to investigate!”.

She’ll fill him in on her ‘find’ next time she wakes.

But for now, Kitty needed her rest. After all, she had to muster up enough energy to trick the dog into going down that Well for her.

And with that last thought, Kitty peacefully dozed off.


* * *

Sunday Photo Fiction 15th June 2014


Fifty words of IT

Life is a series of shit.

One day up, another, down.

Boredom – needing something new. Contentment – happy with your lot.

You get ill, You get well.

You need money:

Fucking great life is this.

The Joy of a wedding, the Hell of a funeral.

Then another one is born:



* * *

Weekly writing challenge: Fifty by Vincent Mars on April 7, 2014

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